The Airbagszentrum is among the leading companies in the market segment of the Safety Car. Already a Top Suppliers for workshops nationall , also occupies an important position in the European market.

The Airbagszentrum features a full stock of products of various brands and models, including ABS ECUs, Engine ECUs, Dashboards, sensors among many others related.

Headquartered in Rio Meão, is a company that has been in your field, year after year, gaining more and more importance, both nationally and internationally.

The loyalty of our customers is proof that we maintain a commitment to quality, trust and reliability.

It also has a young, dynamic, qualified and adequately experienced team to meet your needs.

We are committed to providing quality products and services to all our customers and it is crucial to ensure the acquisition of new customers.

In an increasingly competitive and demanding market has become vital differentiate us in a positive way, thus we are in the implementation of the quality system EN ISO 9001 process.

Office hours

Monday to friday: 9:30-14:00h / 16:30-19:00h

Closed on Saturday, Sunday and holydays